How do you practise your responsibility? 

As an employee of the Otto Group, you have countless opportunities to become actively involved. What opportunities will you take advantage of? Register now to upload and share your own contribution or draw inspiration from your colleagues' ideas.

There are many ways of assuming responsibility.

Whether it is about profitability, innovation, diversity or sustainability, with each contribution, we live up to our responsibility a bit more.

Economic success is our foundation

We can only finance innovation, safeguard jobs and support the organisation if we work cost-effectively. Each one of us must therefore work cost-consciously and efficiently and always keep value creation and investment return in mind. Economic success must be of a medium- or long-term nature to have significance for us. Therein lies the power of responsibility.

Innovation is our future

New services and products and, above all, improvements to internal processes or completely new business models are innovations that allow us to continue to achieve success. Each one of us is responsible for scrutinising their own actions: can this be improved? Could I make it more economical, more desirable, easier or simply more sensible? Therein lies the power of responsibility.

Diversity is our strength

People in different parts of the world have very different needs. This diversity becomes ever more apparent as our interconnectedness increases. More and more brands respond to this diversity with an increasing number of offers and services. Having nearly 50,000 employees in 20 countries gives us an optimal foundation for meeting the needs of people all over the world with outstanding offers and services. It also helps us hold our ground in this fragmented market. Therein lies the power of responsibility.

Sustainability is our duty

As a globally operating group of companies, we have a special obligation to follow sustainable business practices. This not only includes dealing fairly with all trade partners but also respecting the environment. For us, keeping a watchful eye on the potential effects of our actions on the environment and society goes without saying. It is the duty of each and every one of us to demand changes where necessary. Therein lies the power of responsibility.


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